Sample of Inquiry

Organization or person’s name
Name and surname of information provider


Requestor’s name and surname
/address of residence, work or educational institution/


 Information Request


Dear Mr./Ms. _____________,

In accordance with articles 27 and 27.1 of RA Constitution and the 6th article of RA law on “Freedom of Information” I ask you to provide information on __________________ (clearly state the information needed).
According to the 9th article of RA law on “Freedom of Information”, an answer to a written information inquiry should be given within 5 days after its receipt, with the exception of cases when provision of the requested information requires additional work (within 30 days). Thus, I request to reply to my information inquiry in ways and terms as is stated by law.

In case my inquiry is refused, please inform me about the grounds of refusal in a written form (article 11) and if possible provide addresses of other state bodies or officials whom I may send the request.
(I confirm my readiness to cover the copying costs).

Thank you,
Name, Surname Signature

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