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Interviews, articles and comments


Comment by the Spokesperson of Foreign Ministry of Armenia on the killing of Artsakh Defense Army serviceman

Yesterday night, on the Line of Contact between Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh) and Azerbaijan a soldier of the Artsakh Defense Army has been shot dead as result of a gross violation of ceasefire regime by the Azerbaijani side. We express our deep condolences to relatives and fellow servicemen. more ...


Interview of the Foreign Minister Zohrab Mnatsakanyan to "Banadzev" TV programme

We expressed our position when the relevant UN resolution was adopted back in 2015, we have welcomed a joint, comprehensive action plan. For us, relations with Iran are of vital importance, we have an already formed and developed relations with Iran. We are sensitive to these issues. We also take into account the role of the Security Council's resolution and we have cooperation with the United States. more ...


Foreign Minister Zohrab Mnatsakanyan's briefing with journalists on the results of the meeting with the President of Artsakh

Zohrab Mnatsakanyan: Anyone, while being in Artsakh, feels that people in this area live in unique conditions and it is impossible, unacceptable not to feel that. more ...


Comment by Edward Nalbandian, Foreign Minister of Armenia, on the situation on the Line of Contact between Artsakh and Azerbaijan

The international community, first and foremost the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chair countries, should undertake relevant efforts aimed at deterring Baku, make it to withdraw its military equipment, artillery and manpower from the frontline and strictly adhere to the 1994-1995 ceasefire agreements. more ...


Edward Nalbandian received Ambassadors accredited in Armenia

Responding to the remarks of Edward Nalbandian, the heads of several diplomatic representations emphasized that they agree with the Minister with regards the steps taken by the authorities towards ensuring the freedom of assembly in a proper way, as well as the professional and balanced actions of the law enforcement bodies, highlighting the importance of preserving the peaceful nature of protests and of political dialogue. more ...


Answers of Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian to the questions of Aravot daily

Question: Mr. Minister, recently demonstrations have been organized in front of our diplomatic missions abroad. How do you view such actions? more ...


Answers of Deputy Foreign Minister Shavarsh Kocharyan to the questions of "Armenpress" agency

The words of the Azerbaijani leader are half-truth, since the issue should be settled within the framework of the territorial integrity of both Artsakh and Azerbaijan. The territorial integrity of the Republic of Azerbaijan has nothing to do with the territorial integrity of the Republic of Artsakh. more ...


Answer by Tigran Balayan, Spokesperson of the Foreign Ministry to the question of "Armenpress" agency

It is obvious that the current situation in the Nagorno Karabakh conflict zone is a result of the aggression and the policy of ethnic cleansing that Azerbaijan has been carrying out for 30 years against the people of Artsakh, aiming at suppressing their unalienable right to self-determination, as well as living and creating in freedom, provided by the international law. more ...


The answer of Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian to the questions of news agency

Baku replicates Turkey’s vast experience in the policy of denialism being guided by the Turkish practice of organizing Gallipoli events on April 24th of 2015, which were aimed at distracting the attention of the international community from the commemoration of the centennial of the Armenian Genocide. more ...


Statement by Foreign Minister of Armenia Edward Nalbandian on reaffirming the recognition of the Armenian Genocide by the House of Representatives of the Netherlands

We highly appreciate the debates held today in the Parliament of friendly Netherlands and the decisions adopted as the result, which unequivocally reaffirm the recognition of the Armenian Genocide back in 2004. With this step, the Parliament of the Netherlands once again reconfirmed its commitment to universal human values and the noble cause of prevention of genocides and crimes against humanity. more ...

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