The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia (MFA of Armenia) is a state body of executive power, which under the general leadership of the President of the Republic of Armenia elaborates and implements Armenian policy in the area of foreign affairs, organizes and manages diplomatic service within the framework of its authority.

The MFA acts according to the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia, legislation, decrees, regulations, as well as foreign policy guidelines of the President.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs coordinates the activities of the executive power bodies of the Republic in international arena.


The activities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are aimed at

  • strengthening of foreign security of the Republic of Armenia,
  • maintaining of favorable external conditions for the development of the Republic of Armenia
  • representing of RA positions in international area,
  • protecting the interests of the Republic of Armenia and its citizens abroad,
  • deepening of involvement within international organizations and international processes,
  • further enhancement of cooperation with friendly and partner countries,
  • normalization of relations with those countries with which there are problems,
  • further development and deepening of ties with Armenian communities abroad.

The establishment of stability, cooperation, security and peace in the region is one of the priorities of Armenian foreign policy. Armenia spares no efforts for the formation of stable and secure South Caucasus.

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