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Remarks of the Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian at the groundbreaking ceremony of the new Embassy of China in Armenia

Today we do the first symbolic step of laying down the first stone, the foundation of a new building - the Embassy of China in Armenia. The leadership of China, looking into future, have decided that a new, big Embassy should be built in Armenia, with the prospect, that this Embassy will serve for the implementation of new, important, big projects aimed at development and strengthening of the relations and friendship between our two countries. more ...


Congratulatory remarks of Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian during the reception on the occasion of Egypt’s National Day

On the occasion of the National day of the Arab Republic of Egypt, the 65th Anniversary of the Revolution, I would like to extend my warm greetings and best wishes to the Government and the friendly people of Egypt. This year we jointly celebrate the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Armenia and Egypt. The quarter of a century is just an instant in the centuries-long relations that link our two peoples. more ...


Statement by H.E. Mr. Edward Nalbandian, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia at the Informal Ministerial Meeting of the OSCE

Trust and confidence are built when agreements are implemented. With this understanding Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh gave their consents to implement the mentioned high level agreements. Azerbaijan backtracked from those agreements as it had done with prior commitments many times before. This attitude of Azerbaijan questions its credibility for being a party to negotiations, which honours its agreements. more ...


Statement by Minister Nalbandian at the Informal Ministerial Meeting of Eastern Partnership in Chisinau

Armenia and the EU have finalized the Partnership Priorities for 2017-2020 and tomorrow in Yerevan we are going to start the talks on the Single Support Framework of the EU assistance to Armenia for the same period. more ...


Statement by Minister Nalbandian at the Eastern Partnership Ministerial meeting

These past two years we have been actively working on the implementation of the provisions of the Riga Declaration and have been able to deliver in almost all mutual commitments relating to Armenia more ...


Opening remarks by Edward Nalbandian at the First Meeting of the Armenian-Italian Intergovernmental Commission

The necessity of boosting our trade, economic and sectoral cooperation has always stood high on our agenda. It is very important that during last year's visit to Armenia of His Excellency Paolo Gentiloni, in his capacity as the Foreign Minister, we together agreed on the establishment of this format, and I am particularly pleased that today we are holding this meeting. more ...


Opening remarks by Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian at the Armenian-Italian business forum

Armenia registered high growth rates in information and communication technologies, innovation, precise engineering and relevant research areas of capacity building sectors aiming at strengthening its regional leading role in this regard. To give more momentum to the development of Information and Communication Technologies we provide tax privileges to the start-ups exempting them from profit tax and levying only 10% tax on income. As a result in recent years we have seen 25% average increase in the field of ICT. At the intergovernmental commission meeting we have already highlighted a number of sectors, with advantageous prospects of cooperation, including energy, transport, machinery, agriculture, food processing, science, education, health, culture. more ...


Lecture by Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian at the Italian Society for International Organization (SIOI)

Armenia is very much interested in further strengthening and deepening its ties with Italy. I am in Rome for first meeting of the Armenian-Italian Intergovernmental Commission. Last year during the visit to Armenia of His Excellency Paolo Gentiloni, in his capacity as the Foreign Minister we together agreed on the establishment of this important format to boost our economic relations. It was followed by the business forum. In the course of this visit I also had a bilateral meeting with my colleague, Minister Alfano, Secretary for Relations with States of Holy See Gallagher, as well as members of the Italian Parliament. more ...


Address by Edward Nalbandian at the conference on “Victims of Ethnic and Religious Violence in the Middle East”

For centuries the Armenian nation has constituted a part of the multicultural and multi-religious mosaic of the region. This diversity of the Middle East - deeply rooted in the traditions of coexistence and tolerance - was once a remarkable asset not just in civilizational terms but also security wise. more ...


Statement by Edward Nalbandian, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia at the 127th Session of the Committee of the Ministers of the Council of Europe

Protection of cultural heritage in particular is important for the Armenian people that have suffered immense losses of cultural legacy throughout its history and most recently in Azerbaijan by the hands of its government and in Syria by the terrorist groups. In this regard we welcome the adoption of the Convention on Offences relating to Cultural Property. more ...

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